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North Norfolk Bottles - Walsingham


Abbey Farm Dairy Mascall Walsingham Union
Walsingham Water    

Abbey Farm Dairy

Milk Bottle Acid Etched "Abbey Farm Dairy Walsingham" Milk Bottle Acid Etched "Abbey Farm Dairy Walsingham"
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Glass Ginger Beer Bottle Embossed "Mascall"    
Listed in 1901 census as being a railway porter at Walsingham Station. These Bottles Have Only Ever Been Found At Walsingham

Walsingham Union

Glass Spirit Bottle Embossed "Walsingham Union"    
For more information please follow this link Walsingham Union Workhouse

Walsingham Water

Paper Labelled Medicine Type Bottle The Label Reads "Walsingham Water"    
These Bottles Would Have Contained Holy Water From Walsingham and would be bought as a souvenir.

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