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Stoke Ferry

William S Disney Anthony & Edward Etheridge

William S Disney

Stoneware Ginger Beer Impressed "W S Disney Stoke Ferrey"    
William Disney is listed in the 1841 census as assistant to Richard pigott Chemist of Stoke ferry. In the 1846 and 1850 he is listed as chemist and Druggist. He is last listed in the 1851 census as chemist and druggist.

Anthony & Edward Etheridge

Saltglazed Flagon Impressed "Anthony Etheridge & Son Stoke Ferry" Saltglazed Flagon Impressed "Anthony Etheridge & Son Wine & Spirit Merchants Stoke Ferry"
Two Tone Flagon Impressed "Etheridge Stoke Ferry" Two Tone Flagon Impressed "E.W. Etheridge Stoke Ferry"
London gazette Notice Ending Partnership Between E.W. Etheridge & J.D. Etheridge" E & B Etheridges Premises at King's Lynn
Sale of Wines by trustees of Bradfield Etheridge 1903    
Anthony Etheridge & Son is first listed in 1830 as a grocer, draper, tallow chandler and wine and spirit merchant. by 1846 John Prosier Etheridge and Edward Wright Etheridge were listed as wine and spirit merchants. by 1858 Edward Wight Etheridge was in sole control of the company this continued up until 1868 when he was last listed. By 1875 Edward was joined by Bradfield Etheridge who both continued the business until 1916 when they were only listed as seed merchants. E & B Etheridge also had premises at King's Lynn

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