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Morley Farm Dairy Sadler's Bazaar  

Charles Thomas Baker

Footwarmer Printed "C.T. Baker, Ld Holt & Sheringham" Footwarmer Printed "C.T. Baker, Ld Holt & Sheringham"
Doulton Thermette Footwarmer Printed "C.T. Baker Ltd Holt & Sheringham" C.T. Baker Advertisement
C.T. Baker Advertisement C.T. Baker Advertisement
Baker Delivery Van    
From 1822 until 1839 John Baker is listed at Market Place Holt as an Ironmonger. In 1845 John & Charles Baker are listed as Ironmongers, Merchants, Braziers & Oilmen, this continues up until 1858 when they are both still listed but Charles has also become a Brewer at a different address. In 1863 Charles Baker is listed on his own as an Ironmonger and Brewer. In 1875 Charles is joined by his son to form Charles Baker and Son still listed as Ironmongers and Charles on his own as a Brewer. By 1879 the Ironmongers business was in the hands of Charles Thomas Baker and the William Custance Baker was listed as Brewer. Charles Thomas Baker continues to be listed until 1900 and in 1904 the business becomes a limited company. C T Baker Ltd continue to be listed as Wholesale and Retail Ironmongers at Market Place and Norwich Road up until 1932. However this company still exist in Holt today. The company also had branches at Fakenham and Sheringham.

William Holmes Burrell & Co

Paper Labeled Chemist Bottle    
William Holmes Burrell was first listed in 1890. He Continues to be listed at High Street Sheringham until 1933 When the firm became W. H. Burell & Co Ltd. They Continue to be listed beyond 1937.

Percy Cadman

Chemist Bottle Acid Etched "Cadman Chemists Sheringham" Cadman Shopfront
Percy Cadman is listed from 1912 at Church Street Sheringham as a chemist. He continues to be listed beyond 1937.

Henry William Churchyard & Sons

Pair Of Ginger Beer Bottles Made By Pearson's Of Chesterfield Printed "The Real Old Fashioned Churchyard & Sons Ginger Beer Cromer & Sheringham" London Gazette Notice of Walter John Churchyard Leaving The Business.
Churchyard Advert from 1896    
Churchyard and Sons are first listed in 1875 as grocer's and tea dealers Costessey. By 1883 they had opened a branch at Cromer. The first entry for being at Sheringham is in 1892 when they were trading as grocers, drapers, outfitters, provisions, wine and spirit merchants and china, glass & earthenware depot. West End supply stores West St & Prince of Wales Rd Cromer & Sheringham & Costessey They Continued to be listed until 1906. Churchyards then became Spencers

Edwin Carter Cooper

Doulton Made Tap Jar/Flagon Printed "Cooper Sheringham" Cooper advert from 1896
Edwin Carter Cooper is listed in Sheringham in 1892 and 1896 as a Grocer and Wine and Spirit Merchant in the High Street. By 1900 Morgans and Co of Norwich had taken over.

East Coast Dairies

Milk Bottle Printed "East Coast Dairies Ltd. Sheringham 2355 Contents 1 Pint"    
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Jarrold & Sons Limited

Stoneware Desk Ink Printed "Jarrold & Sons Ltd Stationers London Norwich Yarmouth Cromer & Sheringham"    
Jarrold and Sons are first listed in Sheringham in 1900 as Stationers, account book makers, news agents, book binders & booksellers at Station Road Sheringham. By 1904 they had became a Limited company. In 1922 they are also listed at the High Street and continue to be listed past 1932.

F. G. Jordan & Co

Paper labeled Bottle for Oil Of Eucalyptus Jordan's Advertisment
Not Listed in 1933 or 1937 probably dating from the 50's. The Shop was next door to Rusts on the High Street

Joy's China & Glass Warehouse

Doulton Footwarmer Printed "Joy's Fakenham Sheringham & Cromer" Two Tone Foot Warmer Printed "Joys Sheringham"
Doulton Footwarmer Printed "Joy's Fakenham Sheringham & Cromer" London Gazette Entry With Joys Being Dissolved.
Painted Wall Norwich Road, Fakenham    
Frank Thomas Joy is listed as a China Dealer at High Street Sheringham in 1922.  Joy's China & Glass Warehouse is listed from 1925 until 1929 at Sheringham, Fakenham & Cromer although the partnership between the owners Harry Rogers Perry & Frank Thomas Joy was dissolved in 1925.

Morley Farm Dairy

Kilner Pedestal Base Milk Bottle Acid Etched "Morley Farm Dairy Sheringham"    
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Sadler's Bazaar

Footwarmer Printed "Sadler's Bazaar. Sheringham." Sadler Shopfront
in 1896 Arthur Sadler is listed as a Builder at Holway Road. In 1900 Charles Arthur Sadler is listed as a builder at Holway Road. In 1904 he is also listed as an Ironmonger at Station Road. By 1912 he had stopped being listed as a builder and was just listed as an Ironmonger and also Sadlers Bizarre in the High Street. In 1922 the Bazaar is no longer listed but he is listed as having Garages at Church Street and Norfolk Road. In 1929 He is listed as Charles Arthur Sadler & Son & this continues to be the case beyond 1932.

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