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John Codling John James Compton

John Codling

Half Pint Beaker made By Doulton Lambeth Impressed "Codling White Horse Hotel Overstrand" & Etched "Half Pint VR 551"    
John Codling is listed in 1888 at the "White Horse" and also as a Wine and Spirit Merchant. From 1890 to 1912 he continues to be listed at the "White Horse" but not as a wine and spirit merchant.

John James Compton

Brown Glazed Cream Pot Printed "J. J. Compton Ivy Farm"    
John James Compton is listed as Farm Manager to Lady Battersea at Ivy Farm in 1908 and 1912. In 1916 he is just listed as a Farmer at Ivy Farm.

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