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A sheaf logo, used in a stylized version on early bottles (SPF), was largely superseded by Crown Appointment crests in the 1930s. The most distinctive image in adverts and labels was a huntsman and his dog (eg cordial bottle). Screw tops used by Steward and Patteson in Norwich showed the name only, however one of those from Great Yarmouth was unusual in that it showed an anchor - resembling those used by Bullards. The Watney take-over in 1963 led to closure of the brewery 7 years later, but the S&P trademark was resurrected in the 1980s under the guise of Norwich Brewery (see pump clip below).
 Bottle Openers Variations in Screw Stoppers (Norwich and Great Yarmouth)

Tray Tray (Dawsons were taken over by S&P in 1950)
Ashtray (length 16cm) Pump Clips: (1) circa 1960 and (2) circa mid 1980s from Norwich Brewery -  [15 years after the S&P brewery closed]
Cribbage Board (length 30cm)  
Advertising display (38cm x 28cm)  
Norfolk Nip Advert    

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