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North Norfolk Bottles - Great Witchingham & Lenwade

Great Witchingham & Lenwade

George Thomas Graves Ernest James Smith Timothy Thompson

George Thomas Graves

Two Tone Flagon Impressed G. T. Graves Lenwade Bridge    
John Graves is listed in the "Bridge Inn" from1863 until 1877. In 1879 and 1883 Mrs. Hanna Graves is listed. George Thomas Graves is first listed in 1888 and in 1890 he is listed as also being a Hay Dealer and Farmer. G. T. Graves is last listed in 1892. In 1896 Eda Graves is listed.

Ernest James Smith

Internal Screw Salt Glazed Ginger Beer Impressed E. J. Smith Lenwade    
Ernest James Smith is listed in the 1901 census as a Baker in Lenwade aged 33 in the 1891 and 1911 Census he is trading as a baker in Norwich.

Timothy Thompson

Sealed Wine Bottle Marked Thompson Great Witchingham Sealed Wine Bottle Marked Thompson Great Witchingham
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