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Joseph & Thomas Woodcock Edmund Woods

Joseph & Thomas Woodcock

Two Tone Flagon Impressed "J & T Woodcock Wine & Spirit Merchants Briston" Image Of J & T Woodcock's Premises
Bankruptcy Notice For John Gresham Woodcock    
John Gresham Woodcock is listed from 1836 until 1875 as an Grocer, Draper, Glass and China Dealer, Wine and Spirit and Seed Merchant. By 1875 Joseph and Thomas Woodcock had taken over they both continued to be listed until 1900 when Joseph took over the Wine and Spirit side of the business but they both continued to trade as seed merchants etc. together. The last listing was in 1925.

Edmund Woods

Saltglazed Veterinary Bottle Impressed "E Woods V S Briston"    
Edmund Woods has been listed as a Veterinary Surgeon and Farrier in Briston from 1836 and was last listed in 1888 as a Blacksmith and Farrier.

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