North Norfolk Bottles  [Bottles, breweriana & historical information.]

Norfolk Pubs [Detailed compilation of pubs and breweries]

Norwich Pubs and Breweries [Website complementing the book below*]

Kiwi Celts - Steward & Patteson Brewery  [S&P - family related site, with old photo's]

Terry's Norridge
[Details of Norwich pubs & other historical facts]

British Bottle Review (BBR)  [Quarterly magazine]

Norfolk Industrial Archaeology Society (NIAS) [Society, looking at history, archaeology and working life]

The Brewery History Society [Details and photos of  defunct brewery liveries (and other info.)]

Other References (Books etc)

Justly Celebrated Ales. A Directory of Norfolk Brewers 1850-1990 by Andrew  Davison (1991).

Norfolk Beers From English Barley. A History of Steward & Patteson 1793-1963 by Terry Gourvish (1987).

Brewing in Norwich. Norfolk Museums Service Information Sheet (1983)

Trades and Industries of Norwich by Joyce Gurney-Read (1988). [Bullards and Caleys]

Wensum Lodge, The Story of a House by John Dent and Jim Livock (1990). [Y,C&Y]

Norfolk, Beccles & Lowestoft Ginger Beer Bottles by Michael & Hilary Craske (1994)

Norfolk Ginger Beer Bottles by Terry Davey and Dave Clairfield (1977)

Norfolk, Beccles, Lowestoft & Wisbech Printed Ginger Beer Bottles by David Mickleburgh (2014)        

A Pub Walk with a Difference in 1883 by Derek McDonald (2000)

Pubs over the City Walls in 1883 by Derek McDonald (2001)

Norwich Pubs and Breweries Past and Present by Frances and Michael Holmes (2011) * (see Website 3 above)

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