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Some Other Beer Bottles - From Defunct East Anglian Breweries
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Norfolk Suffolk Essex Cambs. Herts.
Cooper Brown Bagge Bidwell North Norfolk Wymondham Brewery Lacons Greene King F. C. Christmas Catchpole Cobbold Tolly Morse Youngman Preston Melton Adnams Colchester Brewing Co. Daniell Nicholl Hall Simpson
Dereham Kings Lynn Thetford Trunch Wymondham Gt. Yarmouth Bury St. Edmunds Haverhill Ipswich Lowestoft Melton Southwold Colchester Ely Baldock

Brewery information extracted from "A Century of British Brewers 1890 - 1990" by Norman Barber (Brewery History Society)


Simpson (High Street)
- Brewery founded in 1730s
- Purchased by Simpsons in 1853
- Sold to Greene King in 1954
- Brewery closed in 1965 and demolished in 1968

Bury St. Edmunds

Greene King (Westgate Street)
- Formed in 1887 from merger of E. Greene & Son (Westgate Brewery - founded 1806) and F. W. King (St. Edmunds Brewery - founded 1868)

Colchester Brewing Co. Ltd. (Eagle Brewery, East Hill)
- Brewery founded in 1828 by Christopher Stopes and Richard Hurnard.
- Acquired by the Norfolk & Suffolk Brewery Co. Ltd.  in 1987 and name changed to Colchester Brewing Co. Ltd.
- Acquired  by Inde Coope in 1925 and closed.
Daniell & Sons (Castle Brewery, 6 Maidenburgh Street)
- Founded in 1866
- Merged with Daniell & Sons of West Bergholt in 1887 and Castle brewery closed by March 1892
Nicholl & Co. Ltd (East Hill Brewery)
- Founded in 1830
- Acquired by the Colchester Brewing Co. Ltd in 1920
- Brewery demolished in 1971.

Cooper Brown (Crown Brewery, Norwich Street)
- Brewery merged with Day's Eaton Brewery in 1880s and traded as Cooper-Brown & Day
- Charles Pearse was the owner by 1904
- Taken over by Steward & Patteson in1922 and brewing ceased by 1925

A & B Hall (Forehill Brewery, Forehill)
- Founded by 1894.
- Merged with Cutlack & Harlock in 1930 to form Hall, Cutlack & Harlock Ltd.
- Merged with Huntingdon Breweries in 1950 to form East Anglian Breweries Ltd.
- E.A.B. acquired by Steward & Patteson in 1960.
- Brewery closed in 1969

F. C. Christmas (Haverhill Brewery, Camps Road)
- Founded by 1868.
- Acquired by Christmas in 1894.
Acquired by Green King in 1918 with 49 public houses.
Brewing ceased in 1924.


Catchpole (Unicorn Brewery, Foundation St.)
- Unicorn Brewery Co. Ltd. wound up in 1923 and their 56 tied houses divided equally between Tollemache and Cobbold.
- Brewery converted into housing.
Cobbold (Cliff Brewery, Cliff Rd.)
- Founded in Harwich in 1723 by Thomas Cobbold.
- Moved to Ipswich in 1746.
- Merged with Tollemache in 1957 to form Tolly Cobbold.
- Acquired by Ellerman in 1977 which was aquired by Barclay Brothers in 1983.
- Tolly Cobbold acquired by Ridleys in 2002  & brewing ceased.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Tolly bottle (label missing)
Tollemache (Brook Street Brewery, 39 Upper Brook St.)
- Brewery founded in 1856
- Acquired by Tollemache brothers in 1888
- Merged with Cobbold in 1957 to form Tolly Cobbold
- Brewing ceased in 1961.

Kings Lynn
Bagge (King St. )
- Founded before 1767
-Acquired by Steward & Patteson in1929, then closed
Link to more comprehensive  information (North Norfolk Bottles - Kings Lynn Beers)


Morse (Crown Brewery, Crown St.)
- Started in 1868
- Acquired by Morgans in 1936 and brewing ceased
- Premises now occupied by windsor & Newton
Youngman Preston (Eagle Brewery, Rantscore)
- Founded by 1844
- Acquired by Lacons in 1919
- Brewing ceased by 1922
- Buildings occupied by Birdseye since c.1960


Melton Brewery (Coach & Horses)
- Founded by 1844
- Brewing ceased c.1910

Adnams (Sole Bay Brewery, East Green)
- Founded as a brew house attached to the Swan Hotel.
- Acquired by George & Ernest Adnams c.1870.
- Brewery still in operation.

Bidwell (Old Market St.)
- Founded c.1710.
- Acquired by Bullards in 1928.
- Most of Brewery still standing.


Churchill  (Brewery Rd.) North Norfolk Brewery (Brewery Road)
- Brewery founded in 1803
- Acquired by Morgans in 1952 (with 9 public houses)
- Now demolished
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Wymondham Brewery (William Cann & Co., Market Place)
- Acquired by Morgans Brewery in 1894, then closed.

                                                                                  Great Yarmouth                                                 Lacons Thumbnails


Lacons (Falcon Brewery, Church Plain)
- Brewery founded in 1640.
- Acquired by Lacons in 1760.
- Taken over by Whitbread 1965.
- Closed in 1968 and brewery demolished.

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