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Glass Bottle Manufacturers & Marks
The makers name or initials are usually (but not always) embossed on the bottles, along with a unique mould number. Useful information on the age of the bottle, etc can be ascertained, depending on the format used at a particular time. The table below gives very basic details, gleaned from the internet and from observations of   markings on Norwich bottles. For example, I understand that the numbers on the base of Morgans bottles indicate the year  of manufacture.

Factual accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed 100%, but it may be of some use to the novice collector.

There are, of course, many more bottle makers not referred to here, and other information detailing the minutiae of makers marks. Some of these are described in a book by Julian Harrison Toulouse (Bottle Makers and Their Marks) 1971 and on websites - for example: Glass Factory Marks on Bottles .
Company Mark (s) Main Location (s) Examples Links

Prior to 1920s
E Brefitt E B & Co Ld Castleford, West Yorkshire 1 2
Riley* RILEY MNFG Co Ltd/LONDON  London 3
Bagley* B & Co Ld/K Knottingley, West Yorkshire 5
Redfearn* REDFEARN BROS Ld Barnsley, South Yorkshire 7 8 9
Redfearn* R/B/B Barnsley, South Yorkshire 7 8 9
Dan Rylands DAN RYLANDS Barnsley, South Yorkshire 10
Dobson & Nall DOBSON & NALL LTD Barnsley, South Yorkshire
John Lumb* J L & Co Ltd/C Castleford, West Yorkshire 11 12 13
John Kilner J (W) K Wakefield, West Yorkshire 14
Kilner Brothers K B Ltd/C Conisbrough, West Yorkshire 14
Kilner Brothers K B Ltd/T Thornhill Lees, West Yorkshire? 14
Kilner Brothers K B Ltd/L London? 14
Waddington WADDINGTON & SONS MAKERS Mexborough, South Yorkshire
From  the mid 1920s
United Glass Bottles UGB* St. Helens, Lancashire & others 15 16 17
Forsters Glass Company FGC* St. Helens, Lancashire 18
Rockware R (circled) - from 1930 Greenford and Doncaster 19
? UKG Hayes ?

?# F (in circle) ?  # [Possibly Amberger Flaschenhutten A. G.] ??   

* The Riley Manufacturing Company, formed in 1878, was based at 256 South Lambeth Road, London SW8. It was taken over by The British Syphon Company in 1942. [3  -  Susse
x Industrial History, Issue 36 (2006) - "The British Syphon Company Limited" by David G. Jones]

Bagley was taken over by Jackson Brothers in 1962, who were absorbed by Rockware in 1968. Factory acquired by  Stolzle Oberglas AG (of Austria) in 1994. [5]

* Redfearns, established in 1862,  merged with National Glass of York after the second world war [7]. It was subsequently taken over by PLM of Sweden, then Rexam (Bowater), and finally, by Ardagh  Glass (in 2005), who reinstated the Redfearn name [8].
The early glass works was at Old Mill, but this was superceded by the current one at Monk Bretton, established in 1946. [9]

* John Lumb began life as 'Lumb & Simpson' in 1842 [11]. The Hightown site [12] was established in 1902 on the site of a previous glass works (Sykes MacVay??). They became part of UGB in 1937 and were a division of United Glass until closure in 1983 [13].

UGB was formed in 1913 by the merger of 5 companies, including - Cannington Shaw & Nuttall (both St. Helens), Alfred Alexander (Leeds) and Robert Candlish (Seaham Harbour). Breffit was absorbed later, in 1913 (factory closed in 1926) and John Lumb in 1937. It became United Glass in 1959. [17]

* FGC was taken over by Rockware  in 1966. [18]

The Norwich breweries sourced from a variety of manufacturers. The majority of older beer bottles are from Breffit, Riley, Bagley and Kilner, the minerals mainly from Redfearn and Riley, while codds are from all of the 'pre 1920s' makers listed above.

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