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Recent photo of Norwich Brewery Site
Caleys blob top bottle
Caleys Blob Tops 1
Inserted Caleys Hamilton bottles (and spread Hamilton's over two page's)
Caleys Hamiltons 1   &  2
Delecta painted label bottle [ebay]
Caleys Crown Corks 2
20.05.19 Morgans wine bottle [courtesy of Norfolk Bottles Website] Morgans Wine Bottle
Morgans bob top beer? Morgans Minerals
Youngs, Crawshay & Youngs bottle variations Y, C & Y Beers 1
Corrected links on Lacons bottles
Bottles From EA Breweries
Corrected Morgans soda syphon link
Soda Syphons
Recent photo of Norwich Brewery Site [Lumia 535]
Added a W R Smith 10oz Hamilton bottle [ebay] to Other Norwich Bottles
Other Norwich Bottles
Removed redundant/expired links
Updated web pages to reflect links to North Norfolk Bottles site (email etc)
Index Page
Amendments to website to detach extraneous elements (to leave Norwich & E. Anglian only) in preparation to migrate the site to North Norfolk Bottles)
Incorporated most items on website into a booklet

St Annes Wharf (Norwich Brewery Site) - photo of river bank renewal
Virgin has announced that they are closing their webspace on 28th April 2016. Therefore the future of this website is uncertain from that date?
W R Smith, Palace Street, Norwich bottle [courtesy of Mungo Bovey]
Other Norwich Bottles
06.03.16 *
Better recent photo of Norwich Brewery Site [Lumia 535]
Lacons screw stoppers [from car boot sales]
Bottles From EA Breweries
A couple of S&P ashtrays
Miscellaneous Breweriana
Link to 'Beeston Brook' webpage added to Index page
Home Page
Norwich Brewery ashtray [ebay]
Backs wine? bottle [ebay]
Backs Wine or Whisky Bottles 1
New SUMMARY view    listing  all bottles & breweriana
Caley Coloured Enamel (fired on?/ painted?) Label bottle [ebay]
Caleys Crown Corks 2
Better photos of some Adnams beer bottles (prior to ebay listing)
Bottles From EA Breweries
Photo of 1/2 pint Cooper Brown beer bottle (prior to ebay listing)
Bottles From EA Breweries
Inclusion of skittle shaped beer bottle (possibly Tolly labelled bottle)
Bottles From EA Breweries
Better photos of Tolly & Tollemache beer bottles + stopper
Bottles From EA Breweries
Recent photos of Norwich Brewery site
Better photos of Catchpole and Cobbold beer bottles
Bottles From EA Breweries
Linked Tollemache bottles with info. on Tolly Cobbold pubs in Cheshire
Bottles From EA Breweries
Better photos of Colchester beer bottles + some screw stoppers Bottles From EA Breweries
Inclusion of some Steward & Patteson bottle variations
(Including some replicas - Malaika & Patteson - seen on ebay)
S&P Painted Label Beers
S&P Whisky & Spirit Bottles
S&P Replicas
Inclusion of some Youngs, Crawshay & Youngs bottle variations
Y, C & Y Beers 1
Y, C & Y Beers 2
Y, C & Y Labelled Bottle
Y, C & Y Crown Corks
Y, C & Y Cuthbert Stores
Inclusion of some Backs bottle variations
Backs Crown Corks
Backs Coloured Minerals
Backs Whisky Bottles
Backs Pumpkin Flasks
06.01.15 Inclusion of measurements - Backs Flasks (3 pages)
Backs Flasks
11.12.14 Additional Lacons bottles and consolidation onto one page (from two) Bottles From EA Breweries
04.12.14 Amendments to 'About Site' - additional information About This Site
03.11.14 Improved photos of Bagge, Kings Lynn beer bottles Bottles From EA Breweries
15.09.14 Adverts featuring "Painted Label" bottles [displayed in Fat Cat pub] Morgans,      S&P,     Y,C&Y
03.09.14 Addition of a new book by David Mickleburgh [from ebay]:-
 (Norfolk, Beccles, Lowestoft & Wisbech Printed Ginger Beer Bottles)
Links (Books)
27.08.14 In order to get more free web space - changed web address from:-
""   (50Mb) to:-
""  ( 200Mb).
Extant searches became invalid:
[but still linked to Domain Name
22.08.14 Caleys match striker [ebay] Caleys Breweriana
20.08.14 Delecta glass "painted" label ginger beer bottle (small version) [ebay] Caleys Glass Ginger Beers
23.07.14 Inclusion of some Morgans bottle variations. Morgans Blob Tops
Morgans Crown Corks
Morgans Cognac Bottle
22.07.14 Inclusion of some Bullards bottle variations & crown cork photo. Bullards Blob Tops
Bullards Crown Corks
Bullards Fired on Labels 1
Bullards Fired on Labels 2
02.07.14 Caleys green, blob top bottle [from ebay] Caleys Blob Tops 2
14.06.14 Morgans Soda Syphon listing Branch Stores [from ebay] Morgans Soda Syphons
11.06.14 Wymondham Brewery beer bottle [from a past Attleborough Fair] Bottles From EA Breweries
07.06.14 F. C. Christmas, Haverhill Brewery, beer bottle [car boot, sold on ebay] Bottles From EA Breweries
26.05.14 Caley lemonade bottle with "fired on" label [Attleborough Bottle Fair] Caleys Crown Cork Bottles
25.05.14 Back & Company small clear dumpy seltzer [Attleborough Bottle Show] Backs Minerals 2
24.05.14 Hunt Son bottle - stick stopper [from ebay} Other Norwich Bottles
19.05.14 Enhancement of East Anglian Breweries page with better photos  Bottles From EA Breweries
28.04.14 Morgans screw stopper [from one of my bottles] Morgans Breweriana
01.04.14 Some Beer Bottles From Defunct East Anglian Breweries NEW WEB PAGE
27.03.14 Red/amber Bullards cellar found, labelled beer bottle [ebay] Bullards Breweriana
05.11.13 Large Bullards and SPF dumpy seltzers (outline only - no photos)
[I remember seeing them at the Norwich Bottle Fair about 15 years ago]?
Bullards Minerals 2
02.11.13 Bullards 10oz flat bottomed hamilton [like one seen in Bridewell Museum] Bullards Minerals 2
31.10.13 Amendments & additions to Hunt Son (crossed Hamiltons) bottles [for example, 6oz Hamilton from EABCC bottle show Attleborough] Other Norwich Bottles
28.10.13 Representation of green Caleys dumpy seltzer  (reconstruction of fragment using photo editing) Caleys Dumpy Seltzers 1
27.10.13 Backs dumpy seltzer & Salifons (Backs Agents)    [EABCC show] Backs Minerals 2
26.10.13 Caleys 6oz flat bottomed hamilton with shield TM [ebay] Caleys Flat Bottomed  Hamiltons
24.10.13 Y, C & Y stained glass pub window [from private collection] Y, C & Y Breweriana
22.10.13 Youngs, Crawshay & Youngs bottle openers [ebay] Y, C & Y Breweriana
12.10.13 Hunt Son bottles - glass + ginger beer [ebay] Other Norwich Bottles
12.10.13 Drake ginger beer bottle [ebay] Other Norwich Bottles
03.10.13 Norwich Brewery clock [ebay]
03.10.13 Red Norwich Brewery tray   [ebay]
13.08.13 Addition of  some Caleys bottles, including cordial in Bridewell Museum Caleys Hamiltons
Caleys Crown Corks 2
Caleys Cordials
09.07.13 Update of Labels page Norwich Breweries - Labels
03.06.13 Hunt Son bottle [from ebay} Other Norwich Bottles
15.05.13 Some Steward & Patteson (S&P) labels S&P Labels
08.05.13  Morgans 6oz Codd  [courtesy of North Norfolk Bottles] Morgans Codds
02.05.13 Morgans soda syphon [courtesy of North Norfolk Bottles] Morgans Soda Syphons
25.04.13 Caleys green crown cork beer bottle  [from ebay] Caleys Crown Cork Bottles
29.03.13 Photos of  various adverts hung in the Fat Cat pub in Norwich  Miscellaneous Breweriana
24.03.13 Caleys mirror [from photo taken in Bridewell Museum] Caleys Breweriana
09.02.13 Inclusion of some ashtrays in Breweriana -eg Caleys Brewerana Caleys Breweriana
01.02.13 Hunt Son  and Co bullet stopper (6oz) [courtesy of Gareth Cartwright] Other Norwich Bottles
30.01.13 Caleys Tray [courtesy of Digby George] Caleys Breweriana
30.01.13 Morgans bottle with burnt on label [courtesy of Digby George] Morgans Painted Label Beers
20.12.12 Y,C&Y Cuthbert Stores black glass beer bottle (with rim) [from Forum]
19.12.12 Norwich Brewery pump clip [from ebay] Norwich Brewery Breweriana
02.12.12 Steward & Patteson  nip sized bottle with U G B on base [from ebay] S&P Screw Tops 2
04.11.12 2 Backs bottles - a mineral and a large Hamilton (from shop in M.dn St.) Backs mineral          Hamilton
09.10.12 Photos of some Lacons beer bottles Some Lacons Beer Bottles
28.09.12 Dawson Bottles [courtesy of Gareth Cartwright] Other Norwich Bottles
12.09.12 Hunt Son & Co 10oz Codd [from antique shop in Elm Hill] Other Norwich Bottles
02.09.12 Some Norwich Brewery ashtrays Miscellaneous Breweriana
28.07.12 Morgan mineral water bottle [from car boot] Morgans Minerals 1
02.07.12 Hunt Son & Co Bullet Stopper [from ebay] Other Norwich Bottles
22.06.12 Morgans bottle opener [from ebay] Morgans Breweriana
17.06.12 Bullards Bottles (some colour variations) Screw Tops1,    2,      Blob Tops
17.06.12 Hunt Son & Co. 6oz Hamilton [from carboot] Other Norwich Bottles
14.06.12 Moore & Son's glass ginger beer bottle [from car boot] Other Norwich Bottles
14.06.12 Caley glass, painted label ginger beer bottle Caleys Glass Ginger Beers
10.06.12 Steward & Patteson openers [from ebay] S&P Breweriana
10.06.12 Morgans Mineral Water Label [from ebay] Morgans Breweriana
20.05.12 Worthington E Label [courtesy of Digby George]
06.05.12 Hunt Son & Co mineral bottles [courtesy of Gareth Cartwright] Other Norwich Bottles
28.04.12 Caleys bottle with etched AJC monogram.  [from ebay] Caleys Blob Tops 2
28.04.12 Steward and Patteson bottles [courtesy of Digby George] S&P Cordials,     S&P Labelled
24.04.12 Bullards advertising cards [courtesy of Digby George] Bullards Breweriana
19.04.12 Steward & Patteson advertising display [courtesy of Digby George] S&P Breweriana
18.04.12 Dawsons tray [courtesy of Digby George] S&P Breweriana
05.04.12 Hunt Son & Co bulb neck Codd [from ebay] Other Norwich Bottles
03.04.12 Addition of Waddington, Mexborough to Bottle Makers Bottle Makers
01.04.12 Transfer of  enlarged Ginger Beers from Breweriana to separate page Some Norwich Ginger Beer Bottles
30.03.12 Minor adjustment to Home Page (re. other bottles) Home Page
26.03.12 Morgans soda syphon [from ebay] Morgans Soda Syphons
26.03.12 Possible bottle manufacturer for 'F (in circle) mark Bottle Makers
17.03.12 D Drakes flat bottomed Hamilton [from charity shop in Anglia Square] Other Norwich Bottles
01.03.12 Addition of Bottles From Other Norwich Companies Other Norwich Firms
06.02.12 Morgans Mirror Miscellaneous Breweriana
29.01.12 Addition of email contact link to Home Page Home Page
28.01.12 Minor amendments to 'About This Site' page About This Site
28.01.12 Addition of Domain Name (  Home Page   +   Bottle Makers
14.01.12 Caley Squash Measure [from ebay] Caleys Breweriana
14.01.12 Caley Table Waters opener [from ebay] Caleys Breweriana
10.01.12 Steward & Patteson Cribbage Board [from ebay] S&P Breweriana
14.11.11 Caleys flat bottomed Hamilton with label [from Norwich antique shop] Caleys Flat Bottomed Hamiltons
09.11.11 Painted Label Bottles - an explanation of the term Painted Label Bottles
03.11.11 Caleys Blob Top  [from Arminghall car boot] Caleys Blob Tops 2
30.10.11 Morgans 6oz Codd (vertical lettering) [from Attleborough Show] Morgans Codds
14.10.11 Amendment to Bottle Manufacturers (Re. date on Morgans bottles). Bottle Makers
10.10.11 Norwich Castle Bitter card. [from ebay] Norwich Brewery Breweriana
09.10.11 Morgans opener. [from ebay]
Introduction of "Update Record".   (i.e. - this listing)
Morgans Breweriana
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