Ashtray (11cm x 10.5cm)
(The crests refer to:-
H.M. The King;
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales;
House of Commons).

1863 – 1960s?

 Fleur-de-Lys Works, Chapelfield, Norwich (from 1890)

 - Chemist shop founded by Albert J Caley in London Street - 1857

 - Expanded to premises in Bedford Street in 1864

 - Moved to Chapelfield in 1880

 - Chapelfield (Fleur-de-Lys) Works opened in 1890

 - Mineral water factory opened in London in 1907

 - Took over Routs Cider of Banham in 1908

 - Taken over by Mackintosh’s in 1932

 - Mineral water business merged with Morgans after World War 2
    to form Caleys & Morgans Table Waters

 - Above renamed ‘Delecta’ by 1958 (fleur-de-lis trade mark)

 - Production of mineral waters ceased in the early 1960s

 - Factory demolished in 2002 and replaced by Chapelfield Mall
    (opened in 2005)

Type G Bottle Opener
(Two spurs, with RD 811274 on one side and PT 466444 on the other)

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