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The Norwich Brewery Company was formed in 1976. It evolved from the take over of Morgans brewery by Watney Mann in 1961, and the subsequent takeovers of Steward & Patteson and Bullards in 1963/64. From 1972 Watney Mann was owned by Grand Metropolitan.

Following closure of Bullards in 1968 and the S&P brewery in 1970, brewing continued on the old Morgans site (in buildings which had replaced the war damaged original brewery).

At this time, 'Bullards Mild' was renamed 'Norwich Mild', and 'S&P Bitter' became 'Norwich Bitter' - marketed using an image of  Norwich Castle.  The old brands were reintroduced in 1982; then an oak tree was adopted in 1985. This became synonymous with the Norwich Brewery Co., despite the fact that the last brew was made in that year (Ketts Finale). This logo was used until 1989, even though the beers were now brewed elsewhere (see Labels).
Clock      Mirror (circa 1985/89) height 49.5cm
Labels: Left - Watney style with S&P sheaf logo;
Centre - "Brewed in London"; Right - Bottled in Norwich?
Mats: castle (1977),   S&P (1984),
 oak tree (1989)
Pump Clip
Tray showing Norwich Castle Tray    

Ash Tray Ash Tray (length 21cm)   

Perspex Plaque (circa 1979) Diameter 26.5cm Perspex Plaque
Pump Head (Height 17cm) Card (Height 18.5cm)

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