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An anchor was Bullards main trade mark, but they also used an image of a publican by Sir Alfred Munnings (dating from 1909) in advertising. After the Watney takeover in 1964 the latter image was modernised. Although the brewery was closed in 1968, the older (publican) logo was resurrected in 1982 for 'Bullards Mild', brewed at the Norwich Brewery Co. site in King Street (see Norwich Brewery). These changes were reflected in the trays, labels, mats and other breweriana.
Type E Bottle Opener (RD702661 stamped on both sides) Variations in Screw Stoppers (round and chisel types)
Tray with stylized 'publican' logo (Post Watney Takeover) Playing Card  (Showing Munning's original 'publican')

Ash Tray of similar vintage to above (22.5 cm diameter) Ashtray with normal image
Jug commemorating 60 years of Queen Victoria's reign (coincides with the founding of the brewery) height  about 22cm
Showcard (22cm x 15cm)  
Showcard (22cm x 15cm)  
Front and rear of labelled, cellar found bottle      Close up of label  (L.B. = Light Bitter?)

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